Quashing of FIR u/s 482

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Quash u/s 482 on Point of Lawby husband alone
OK. Quash petition on question of law is very case dependent – what was the FIR, statements recorded U/S 161 CrPC, documents filed by IO along with CS, contradictions between them (FIR and statements), whether any other case is filed by the 498a gang (125 CrPC, DV, etc.) and if there are self-contradictions, etc. etc.
There is no sample as such that can be reused each time but there are certain principled that you can apply. Also, procedural (CrPC) violation by the IO or bias or mala fide are other grounds available to file for quashing the FIR (and CS).
At what stage are you in - pre or post CS? If post - hav…